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Have you ever wanted to have ALL your medical information, personal clinical history, doctor’s visit records, and so much more, in one easy app? With MyGrandCentral you have all that, and more, at your fingertips!

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MGC Features

Like the Grand Central train station namesake, it connects patients to doctors, and vice versa. It is your personal medical app that integrates your past, present and future healthcare.
  • Never again fill out paper forms

  • Share your info with your doctor with one click or QR code scan

  • Personal electronic health records at your fingertips

  • Access and share your scripts, sick notes, referral letters and much more

  • Find a doctor and book the visit online

  • Telemedicine — follow-up visits by video call via MyGrandCentral

  • View and pay your medical bills with MyGrandCentral

  • Access your medical tax certificate for SARS when necessary

  • AdminAssist - patient demographics can be imported seamlessly

  • AdminAssist - secure, fast, electronic doctor-to-doctor specialist booking and sharing

  • Sharing of patient information (clinical, pathological, referral letter) with other doctors

  • Sharing of surgical theater list with hospital and other doctors

  • Telemedicine — doctor-patient and doctor-doctor video-call via MyGrandCentral

  • Patient health records available upon approval by patient

  • Receive patient payments via MyGrandCentral

"Developments in medical technology have long been confined to procedural or pharmaceutical advances, while neglecting a most basic and essential component of medicine: patient information management."

John Doolittle

The App

We know how complicated your family's healthcare can be. That's why MyGrandCentral has 4 simple and intuitive sections from which you can manage everything. Yes, really EVERYTHING.

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Still not sure why you should get the MyGrandCentral app or what it does for you? Send us a message or give us a call and we will gladly supply you with more information.

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